DUSTECH CORPORATION is a trading firm that aims to provide a comprehensive range of material handling equipment with multiple varieties of categories including identifying, supplying and satisfying customer needs. Its priority is to provide the highest standard of excellence and devotion towards achieving customer satisfaction.

To meet this objective, the company shall perform periodic reviews, giving insight on market demand. Our purpose, to discover new and beneficial products to meet the growing needs of our customers while striving for the highest level of quality and service.


Since the company's inception in 1994, we have been importing and providing the most qualified material handling equipment nationwide. From stackable storage bins and plastic crates, hand pallet trucks, motorcycle lifter, racking systems and steel shelves to the more comprehensive, Forklift Trucks.

We supply a full range of non-automated storage equipment such as pallet racks, shelvings and carts which include servicing and installation. We also import and supply batteries for forklifts, reach trucks, powerplants and substations.

We have distributed our products to different companies and industries such as shipyard, telecommunication, mining, engineering, food and beverage, semi-conductor, and power generation, among other companies.

DUSTECH CORPORATION is backed-up by a carefully selected and highly trained technical staff. Positioned to deliver and provide the necessary technical support to serve its clients. In doing so, we hope to provide useful and affordable equipment most suited to client needs and range of budget, along with servicing and installation of the products we supply.

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